About The Project

Hanzi Recognizer grew out of a project for CS490T. It is based off a 10 year old Japanese to English dictionary program, JavaDict. The handwriting recognition is almost a direct copy, while the matching algorithm is under redesign to implement an edit distance algorithm.

About The Developers

Logan Buesching

Logan is a senior at Purdue University. He is interested in web standards and mutli-platform development and has worked on a few different open source projects, namely PHP, MyEPICS, and PHPFreeChat.

Contact Information:
E-Mail: ljbuesch@(at my school).edu (Hint: it's @purdue.edu).

Nathan Hobbs

Nathan is a senior at Purdue University with a dual major in Computer Science and Mathematics. He is also trying to obtain a minor in Chinese. Nathan is interested in many areas of science, specifically astrophysics and cosmology as well as a practiced musician, playing the banjo and homemade didgeridoos. This is his first contribution to the free software movement.

Contact Information:
E-Mail: marscheese@(google's mail).com (Hint: it's gmail.com).